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Student Desks

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S1201  AlphaBetter™ Desk 1201 AlphaBetter™ Desk, 28 x 20 by Safco
List Price: $345.00
Only: $250.00
1205  AlphaBetter™ Stool 1205 AlphaBetter™ Stool by Safco
List Price: $205.00
Only: $149.00
S1206  AlphaBetter™ Desk 1206 AlphaBetter™ Desk, 36 x 24 by Safco
List Price: $395.00
Only: $287.00
SKTRN Eduskate Tablet Arm Chair EduskateTablet Arm Chair by Eurotech
List Price: $945.00
Only: $539.00
SC1560 Master Scholar Study Desk Master Scholar Study Desk by Scholar Craft
List Price: $557.00
Only: $229.00
8110TA Tablet Arm Chair Tablet Arm Chair by NPS (4 Pack)
List Price: $102.00
Only: $252.00

School Student Desks

First and foremost when purchasing Student Desks for home or school, is to insure that they are Good Quality Desks. Our school student desks are available in many styles.

There is the Combo Student Desk, which means that the Desk and Chair are connected. Then there is the free-standing Student Desks.

Most come in several heights, for the different age Student groups.

Almost all are available with a choice of color and top finish.

The more economical is the Fiberboard Top. However, the Solid Plastic Top will wear better and last much longer, especially for the destructive Students. All School Student Desks sold at Ace Office, are of superb Quality at deeply Discounted Prices