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1000  Vivo™ LED Lighting 1000  Vivo™ LED Lighting S1201  AlphaBetter™ Desk
1205  AlphaBetter™ Stool S1206  AlphaBetter™ Desk 1501 Two-Shelf Square-Edge Wood Veneer Bookcase
1502 Three-Shelf Square-Edge Wood Veneer Bookcase 1503 Four-Shelf Square-Edge Wood Veneer Bookcase 1504 Five-Shelf-Shelf Square-Edge Wood Veneer Bookcase
1505 Six-Shelf-Shelf Square-Edge Wood Veneer Bookcase 1506 Seven-Shelf Square-Edge Wood Veneer Bookcase 1511 Six-Shelf Narrow Wood Veneer Bookcase
1514 Seven-Shelf Narrow Wood Veneer Bookcase 1581 Bookcase WoodTrim Kit 1600 Scoot™ Credenza Bookcase
1601 Scoot™ 2 Shelf Bookcase 1602 Scoot™ 3 Shelf Bookcase 1603 Scoot™ 4 Shelf Bookcase
1604 Scoot™ Mobile Personal Bookcase 1850 Mobile Machine Stand 1851 Mobile Machine Stand with Sorter
1852 Deluxe Mobile Machine Stand 1854 Compact Machine Stand 1855  Scoot Underdesk Printer Stand
1856  Scoot Desk-Side Printer Stand 1857  Impromptu Machine Stand 1858  Impromptu Deluxe Machine Stand
1859  Impromptu Deluxe Machine Stand with Doors 1860 Desk Side Printer Stand 1861 Under Desk Printer Stand
1862  Impromptu Under Table Printer Stand 1870 Steel Machine Stand with Drawer 1871 Steel Compact Machine Stand
1872 Steel Deluxe Machine Stand 1873 Machine Stand with Slide-Away Shelf S1874 Multi-Purpose Stand
1876 Machine Stand with Drop-Leaves 1881 Printer - Machine Stand Three Level 1882 Printer - Machine Stand Four Level
1901 Ready-To-Assemble Computer Workstation 1907 Scoot Steel Sit-Down Workstation 1908 Scoot Steel Stand-Up Workstation
S1921 Computer Workstation 1923 Stand-Up Workstation 1925 Adjustable Height Workstation 28" Wide
1926 Adjustable Height Workstation 35" Wide 1927 Adjustable Ht Mini Tower Workstation by Safco 1929 Stand Up Adjustable Height Workstation
1930 Reversible Top Computer Desk 36"W 1931 Reversible Top Computer Desk 48"W 1933 Reversible Top Mobile Computer Desk 54"W
1934 Reversible Top Fax/Printer Stand 24"W 1935 Folding Computer Table 1936  Xpressions Computer Workstation
1938  Xpressions  47" Computer Workstation 1939  Xpressions Computer Workstation, Ebony Xpressions™ Stand-up Desk
S1953  Picco Series Duo Workstation 1954 Duo Printer Stand 2065  Impromptu® 48"W Mobile Training Table
2066  Impromptu® 60"W Mobile Training Table 2067  Impromptu® 72"W Mobile Training Table 2068 Impromptu® Half Round Mobile Training Table
2105 Ergo-Comfort® 5"H Adjustable Footrest 2106 Ergo-Comfort® 8"H Adjustable Footrest 2119 Stress Buster™ Massaging Footrest
2120 RestEase™ Adjustable Footrest 2122 Foot Rocker Foot Rest 2135  Adjustable Keyboard Platform With Swivel MouseTray
2137 Ergo-Comfort® Articulating 28" Keyboard/Mouse Arm 2143 Premier Series Keyboard Platform with Control Zone 2145 Premier Series 27" Keyboard Platform with Control Zone
2156 Ergo-Comfort® Read/Write Copy Stand 2158  Onyx Mesh Copyholder 2159 Onyx Mesh Monitor Stand
2160 Onyx Mesh Telephone Stand 2161  Onyx  Mesh Laptop Stand 5279 Wire Cubes
2175 Ergo-Comfort® Swivel Mount CPU Holder 2176 Underdesk Fixed Mount CPU Holder 2196 Sit-Stand Articulating Keyboard Tray
2213 Ergo-Comfort® Premium Underdesk Keyboard Drawer 2491 Entourage Round Indoor/Outdoor Table 2651 RSVP™ Round Table
2944 Waste Paper Pitch, 7 Qts 2981 Public Square® Waste Receptacles 25,31,37,42-Gallon 3008 Art and Drawing Portfolio
3030 Art Rack 3043 Mobile Roll File, 21 Compartment 3045 Mobile Roll File, 8 Compartment
Much like the ever-evolving workplace, Safco continues to experience its own evolution as a skilled and thriving supplier for all workplace environments. Safco is always one step ahead, that means you can always expect to get the offices most wanted from a company who's been exceeding expectations for over 40 years.
As Safco's product lines began to expand, so did their reasoning for design.Safco products were specifically developed to meet the changing needs of the business world, offering real design without the great expense. -Designs that help accomplish more, designs that ensure comfort and efficiency and, most importantly, designs for less.
Safco products offer solid results for people and businesses; people who are different from one another, and businesses that are changing. That's why each product in the Safco Furniture collection is designed to fit the needs of individuals and the way they work, by enhancing comfort and meeting the modern needs for organization in the workplace. At the same time, each produc,be it Safco Flat Files,Safco Literature Organizers,Safco Drafting Tables,Safco Chairs,Safco Trash Cans etc. encourages work area efficiency and ultimately work-life efficiency: from schools and universities, to hospitals and clinics, from small offices and businesses to corporations and large institutions, airports, restaurants and malls.
Safco continues to offer new colors, new styles and new solutions according to market trends and the ever-changing needs of business life, from the reception area all the way to the warehouse.