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Rectangular Mirrors by Childrens Factory
CF332-133  Rectangular Mirrors

Only: $53.00

Product Code: CF332-133

Available Sizes

CF332-133  Rectangular Mirrors by Childrens Factory
PET mirror adds excitement and a refreshing look to your wall.
Goes great with an activity mat as babies and children explore their world through reflection.
Color is silk screened on the back of mirror and won't scratch off.
Attach any of our rectangular and square mirrors with our injection molded polyethylene mirror corners and side safes included.
Simplifies installation and holds mirrors fast against surface.
Mounting corners and sides included, screws for mounting not included..
  • CF332-133 Rectangular Mirror 12 x 48
  • CF332-491 Rectangular Mirror 24 x 36
  • CF332-132 Rectangular Mirror 24 x 48 (shown)