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Using the Technology in order to Create Value for Our Customers
The manufacture of home & office furniture is the means to transform our ideas into real-life solutions. The quality of the Bestar products is driven by our choice of materials, process optimization, training and management models.

To do this, we use the best integrated manufacturing technologies that allow us to be flexible, agile and diversified in the production of both small and large-volume batches, regardless of the complexity of the product. The creation process, furniture design and computer-assisted production, which facilitates prototyping and quick fixes, allow us to place the people at the heart of our strategy. At Bestar, our first order of business is to answer the customer's needs.

Our commitment does not end with manufacturing. Indeed, the technology used at Bestar, such as the information systems for managing internal processes and the automated ordering & delivery via EDI, is the key-enabler for rapid-response manufacturing, without sacrificing quality or cost.

We are proud of our work and products. We accept only one level of quality: Your satisfaction.

Sincerity and Transparency
At Bestar, sincerity and transparency begin with the participation to the decision-process, by the employees, suppliers and customers, and with an openness to the how and why of things. At Bestar, all the employees take pleasure in assuming the full responsibility of making decisions.

A strong commitment to our customers is the pivotal element of Bestar's values. It not only means to be an important member of the Bestar team, but also to share the risks and successes together. Through Bestar's customer service, high-quality office furniture and storage solutions, loyalty and the ability to listen to our customers, we continually strive to improve. At Bestar, we contribute to the well-being of our community, to the quality of our environment and to the vitality of our economy.

Our Employees
At Bestar, we rely on a collaborative approach by inviting our employees to share their vision, whether in the use of the products, the order processing logistics, or the plant optimization process. We allow each employee to be himself, and every contribution is valued. This is the Bestar way.

Our Environment
Our company is located near the majestic lake of Megantic and amidst forest land. A fundamental concept at Bestar: we take care of the natural environment of which we are a part, of the water that we and our children drink, of the air that we breathe. Since our foundation, we have applied the principles of sustainable development and environmental preservation. This is important for all of us.

Creating Environmental Value
Bestar commits to continuous improvement and to generating even more environmental value. The science of sustainable development is complex and the knowledge imperfect, but the potential of creating positive changes is almost infinite. Bestar recognizes that the desire to preserve and renew our planet is a driving force for the company and its product offering. Our approach is measurable. Our commitment is long term. Overall, we are on a steady path to make our environmental footprint smaller!

By using 100% recyclable packaging products, by optimizing the management of production waste or by recycling water vapors from our central heating system, among other things, we are placing environmental considerations at the heart of Bestar's priorities.